To meet the challenges of a wide range of hydraulic equipment and applications, Shell has designed a portfolio of fluids that enables you to choose a product to best match your needs. It includes extra-long-life synthetic technologies capable of up to four times standard life*, through to cost-effective, reliable products for less-demanding applications. Shell Tellus S2 M46 - High quality anti-wear hydraulic oil which contains oxidation, anti-foam and corrosion inhibitors. Shell Tellus S2 M46 is suitable for most hydraulic applications such as machine tools, hydraulic presses and rams as well as earthmoving equipment. Shell Tellus Oil(s) are not suitable for equipment containing silver coated surfaces. Use Shell Tellus S instead. (PREVIOUSLY SHELL TELLUS 46)

SDS: Download Tellus M46 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Download Tellus M46 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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