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General Description
Hangsterfer's CC oils are designed for light and medium duty metalcutting and metalforming operations. These economically formulated oils are blended under the same quality control standards set for Hangsterfer’s premium Hard Cut Series. Offering superior lubrication for the machine tool as well as the cutting operation, CC oils provide benefits in productivity, equipment life and environmental compliance. Some benefits of the CC products are that they are Chlorine-Free


CC 22 is ideal for use in CNC Swiss-style turning centers, especially on those requiring chlorine free oils. It has enough lubricity for the more demanding operations and materials, including lubrication of the guide-bushings. Operations for which CC 22 is suitable are CNC Swiss-style Turning, CNC Machining, General Turning and Machining, Stamping and Forming, and Honing.


Aluminum, Carbon Steels-Low, Medium and High, Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys, Titanium,Brass & Copper


The CC oils are designed to reject foreign contaminants, such as metal fines. If the performance of the oil begins to deteriorate, remove the oil from the machine and allow settling in an empty drum or Hangsterfer’s Decantation tank for 3-7 days. Fines and contaminants will settle to the bottom. After decanting, return the clean oil to the machine and leave the sludge behind for proper disposal. In order to get the maximum life from your oil, keep the sump free of cleaners, solvents, wa


All CC oils are formulated to minimize cleaning time. They are cleanable in both aqueous and solvent systems. For best results use a Hangsterfer’s Ozonic series cleaner or recommended aqueous cleaner. Both style cleaners work best at removing CCs when heated to 140 °F (60 °C).

SDS: Download Hangsterfer's CC 22 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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