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Hangsterfer's Aldraw Series of forming and fabricating compounds offers high performance lubricants for a broad range of applications. From stamping and blanking of carbon steel to drawing of high nickel tubing, Aldraw products provide extended die life, improved surface finish and reduced scrap material. The non-hazardous formulation provides for a safe work environment and easy waste disposal.


The lightest of the Aldraw series, J-50 is recommended for stamping, forming, wire drawing, broaching and tapping of all materials. Its lower viscosity makes it easier to pump and allows it to penetrate metals more rapidly. Some applications/operations for this product would be Tube, Bar, Wire and Rod Drawing; Blanks - Deep Drawing, Progressive and Transfer; Stamping & Forming – Progressive and Transfer; Fine Blanking and Coining; Swaging, Pointing; Spinning; Heavy Duty Tapping and Threading; Broaching.


Stainless Steels, tube, bar, rod, wire, blanks; Nickel Alloys, tube, bar, rod, wire, blanks; Titanium, blanks; Carbon Steels, tube, bar, rod, wire, blanks.


When in use, the Aldraw products should be kept free of metal particulate, solvents, water and cleaners, which may interfere with the performance of the product. When thinning down any of the Aldraw products for specific applications, we recommended the use of our Hard Cut 541(formerly known as J-1 Thinning Oil). The use of mineral spirits, kerosene or other items is not recommended. All products should be stored in a sealed container, in a cool, dry place.


For the best results, Hangsterfer's recommends the use of non-ozone-depleting solvents for removal of the Aldraw compounds. Hangsterfer’s offers it’s environmentally friendly line of cleaners, the Ozonic Series, to help with the removal of the Aldraw compounds. Aldraw J-50 may be removed with a solvent dip or with a hot alkaline wash system.

SDS: Download Hangsterfer's Aldraw J-50 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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