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Hangsterfer’s Missile Lube series includes high quality and high performance, chlorine-free and sulfur-free oils. The combination of synthetic and vegetable based Extreme Pressure (EP) additives help increase tool life and improve surface finishes in a variety of metalworking operations. Composed of only highly refined raw materials, the Missile Lube series helps keep the machine clean and minimizes operator exposure to mist and smoke. Offering superior lubrication for the machine tool as well at the tool-workpiece interface, the Missile Lube series provides benefits in productivity and equipment life. The non-toxic and non-corrosive blend is designed for easy waste disposal and operator safety.


With 100% more synthetic EP additives then the 1 XL, the 1 XXL has a much lower viscosity. It can be used for the same applications as 1 XL, but is more suitable for very small work, as 1 XXL is easier to deliver to the tool-workpiece interface.


Excellent for high speed machining of aircraft aluminums and other non-ferrous materials. The Missile Lubes are suitable for stamping and forming of very thin stock of all types of materials, including stainless steel and nickel alloys.


While oils are not susceptible to the broad range of problems encountered with a water based fluid, regular maintenance does improve their performance and extend their life. Missile Lubes are designed to reject foreign contaminants, such as metal fines. If the performance of the oil begins to deteriorate, remove the oil from the machine and allow settling in an empty drum or settling tank for 3-7 days. Fines and contaminants will settle to the bottom. After settling return the top 80% to the clean machine. In order to get the maximum life from your oil, keep the sump free of cleaners, solvents, rust inhibitors, coolants and other contaminants, which may inhibit performance.


All Missile Lubes are formulated to minimize cleaning time. They are cleanable in both aqueous and solvent systems. For best results use a Hangsterfer’s Ozonic series cleaner or recommended aqueous cleaner. Both style cleaners work best at removing Missile Lubes when heated to 140°F (60°C).

SDS: Download Hangsterfer's Missile Lube 1 XXL Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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