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Hangsterfer's slideway lubricanting oils are forumlated to provide excellent machine tool performance, while elimination the problems of coolant degradation associated with tramp oil combination.

The full range of Hangsterfer's Way Oils offer superior slideway adherence, stick-slip friction characteristics and complete water soluble coolant separation. By separating quickly and completely from yoru water soluble coolant, you will achieve the maximum in cutting performance and sump life. In addition, because they minimize water solubility, they are less likely to prematurely wash off the ways.

The Way Oil series is formulated with high quality additives under strict quality control, resulting in products that meet or exceed international specifications established for slideway oils. The Way Oil series is available in 5 viscosities that meet the International Standards Organization (ISO) viscosity requirements for machine lubricants. All Hangsterfer's Way Oils meet or exceed the Cincinnati Machine P-47 specifcation.

SDS: Download Hangsterfer's Way Oil 4 Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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